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Greenhouse expansion project
Local -for-local

The project puts emphasis on the local-for-local approach. 

Once completed these greenhouses will increase the self-sufficiency of the UK's chosen crop market, by 10%.

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Recruitment for all positions will commence in the near future, interested parties should keep an eye on local media, Abbey View Careers Page, Abbey View Produce on LinkedIn & Facebook and local recruitment agencies.

One of the most important reasons that this project came to be was the pursuit of sustainability.

The primary producer of the energy used in the greenhouse will be the water-to-water heat pumps linked to the nearby wastewater project.

The water coming into the greenhouse through this system will be 50°C, and this will be used to keep the greenhouse at a steady temperature year-round

-1920 m2 Energy Centre

-13 Heat pumps

-2 CHPs

-2 Boilers


-Heat stored in treated water from local sewage processing plant will be boosted through a heat exchange network.

-The water supply from the two systems never meet instead exchanging energy in the heat pumps

-Delivery water is part of a closed loop environmental control system

-After releasing energy into the heat pumps the treated sewage water returns to it’s original flow to the local water network. The reduced temperature has significant environmental benefits to the local eco-system.

-Circa 240 tonnes CO2 consumed per/Ha/year through plant photosynthesis

-Circa 650 tonnes CO2 reduction in energy production per/Ha/year compared to conventional methods

-Circa 15,000 food miles removed from supply chain

-Total CO2 reduction across the project life of over  17,800 tonnes in energy production which is equivalent to:

Environmental Benefits
About the site

12.5Ha (30acres) Greenhouse Expansion ready for 2021

One of two partners in a  £110m project developed by Low Carbon Farms, built by BOM Group


Location: Ingham St Edmunds

Largest single block of glass in the UK

Provides 30% increase to total Abbey View Producer Organisation growing area

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