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22 growers from the Abbey View Producer Organisation are working together to deliver cucumbers from February until November. Supply from Spain and the Canary Islands is covering the winter gap


Working with growers from the Lea Valley and utilising our own nursery, we are producing bell, baby sweet and sweet pointed peppers of all colours, starting from March through to October. For the winter, we have well established, long-term collaborations with growers from Spain and Israel.

Exclusive supply from one of the biggest growers in the Canary Islands to deliver high quality salad tomatoes, starting from October until May/June.

Schembri Aubs 15 May.JPG

We work closely with experienced, dedicated growers to deliver aubergines from March until October, with Spanish product covering the winter months. Graffiti (stripped) aubergines are the new entry to the aubergine mix.

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